Monday, February 22, 2010

Three Day Threshold – Straight Outta The Barrel CD Review

There is an old joke that goes a little like this, ‘What happens if you play a country song backwards?’ The answer is that you get your car back, your girl back, and your dog back. In the case of Three Day Threshold, the answer would be that you sober up.

TDT’s newest album, which they claim was ‘inspired’ by a trip to the Jim Beam distillery, is to country music what Old Grand Dad is to Jim Beam. The musicianship is there; rockabilly guitars a la Stray Cats, beautiful banjo work, talented steel guitar and drumming. The issue is that the album sounds more like a parody than anything else. There are only so many ways you can say that you love whiskey, and believe you me; TDT expresses that sentiment in every possible way.

Lead singer Kier Byrnes rambles through all eleven tracks like a tipsy man makes his way through a barroom holding one too many drinks. The end result is that they create an album of music that will appeal to folks who don’t find straight up country music that appealing.

For the hearty whiskey drinker, ‘Whiskey River’, ‘Barroom’, ‘Coffee/Whiskey’, and ‘Jim Beam’ are all love ballads to some extent. For everyone else, they probably just signal that there are a few more people who should probably be on the wagon. Whatever the lyrics express to you, the music is that of a very talented band whose hard work has earned them some well deserved accolades.