Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Interview with Krishna Das

Recently Krishna Das was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions via e-mail for me. Who would have guessed he would not only be awesome, but a riot as well. He's on tour right now, check it out at www.krishnadas.com.

You are not one of the biggest names in the yoga world, you are the biggest name in it – without question in the United States at least. When you began this journey did you ever imagine this would happen? What did you expect would?

I started singing to save my ass!!! I had nothing in my head about a career. I had been very depressed and destructive since my Guru had died and I finally realized that if I didn't start singing with people, I would never be able to clean the dark corners of my heart.

Your musical career began after your spiritual journey and the two are so intertwined, how has your spiritual life begun since your musical journey began?

Chanting is not music. The music is the syrup that the medicine of the Name is hidden in. Music makes you feel good for a while, but the Name has the ability to actually change your life completely and bring you to Self Realization.

After studying in India with Maharaj-ji you have said you felt the need to return to the states and that you told him that you would serve him through music, how did you know this was the right answer?

I felt no need to return. He sent me back, telling me I had attachment there and needed to go back. It felt miserable to me, but if he said it, it was right.

Since your return over twenty five years ago what has your relationship with him been? What has been your relationship to your practice of yoga? And how does your music relate to these two?

My relationship with him has gotten deeper everyday as there is less of my shit and more of His love.

If you mean Asana practice, I have gone in and out periods of more and less intense practicing. It is good for the body and if the body feels good then it can't distract us from the inner work. As I said, for me, music in and of itself is not YOGA. Unless ones motivation is very deep and committed, music can be a place to hide, instead of be found.

Your music is so incredibly spiritual, what sort of humanitarian efforts are you involved in? How do you decide in a world where there are so many people in need?

I do what comes before me to do as best I can. First of all, my main offering is to chant. If that inspires others feel confidence in themselves, to work on themselves and to serve others, then that is good. I am a one trick pony. It's either chant or pump gas. Where I can help, I help, where I can't I can't.

If you could impart one piece of wisdom upon everyone you come into contact with, what would it be?